- As is public knowledge, the contagion by Covid-19 has spread extremely throughout the country, and for us the most important thing is to ensure and prevail the health and life of our collaborators and customers, for this reason, home deliveries are made in a gradual and coordinated manner respecting the following biosecurity protocol:

• Delivery staff will obligatorily wear a mask and alcohol gel for continuous hand disinfection.

• We will deliver your order at the door of your home and under no request our staff will enter, for which we also ask you to wear a mask and alcohol if necessary.

• Our delivery staff will place your order on a small bench to be disinfected with alcohol.

• It will not be necessary to sign the delivery guide; However, we will ask you two meters away to show us an identity document that validates that you are the owner or authorized to receive the order.

• Then, you can pick up the order from the small bank and our delivery staff will take any of the following photographs that validate the success of the delivery: Holder with the order in hand, identity document with the order, facade of the address with the order.

• In case none of the designated persons is present to receive the order, the carrier will call the holder of the purchase to confirm that he can make the delivery; otherwise, delivery will have to be rescheduled.

*Our protocol is subject to change as per government regulations.


- How can I know the status of my order and track it?

With the tracking number you can enter the following link: https://dinetecommerce.pe/

- Where do I get the tracking number?

It is given to you by the store or brand where you made your purchase, if you do not have it, contact its customer service area.


- What is the delivery time of my order?

It will depend on the type of shipping paid to the brand or store, for Lima orders the maximum time is 48 hrs, and provincial orders the maximum time is up to 10 business days.

- What are the delivery times?

Our hours are from Monday to Saturday from 8 am - 8 pm, does not include holidays or local holidays, this schedule can be variable in Cyber campaigns, black friday, new year, Christmas, etc.

- How do I know what time my order will arrive?

At the moment we do not ship with exact times for delivery, but:

● For orders from Lima, the same day of the visit you will receive a shipping notification and our delivery staff will contact you before arriving at your home.

● For orders from Province, it will depend on the distance and delivery days previously indicated at the time of purchase, and also our delivery staff will contact you before arriving at your home.

- Why do you delay the delivery of my order?

If your shipment is taking longer than expected, it may be due to situations that escape our management, such as failed events due to issues of incomplete or unlocated addresses, it may also be due to force majeure situations (weather, health, holidays, strikes, vehicular traffic, etc.), if you have doubts, in the following link: Contact us


- Can I change the delivery address when my order is en route?

No, every order sent was already scheduled with the initial shipping address, for this reason if you are not going to find yourself at that address you have to wait for the failed visit for its rescheduling, you can reschedule your order at the following link: Reschedule your order

- How many delivery attempts do I have?

Depending on the brand or store, your shipment may have 2 or 3 delivery attempts, for more information contact their customer service area.

- What happens if I am not at home on the day of the visit?

If on the first visit we could not deliver the order, the next visit will be coordinated depending on the type of reason for non-delivery:

● ABSENT CONTACT: We reschedule your order automatically in 48 hrs.

● FAILED ADDRESS EVENTS: We will contact you to ask for more details of the delivery address or otherwise enter the following link and leave us your information: Reschedule your order

- What happens if the delivery attempts were fulfilled and I still do not have my order?

Once the 2 or 3 delivery attempts have been completed, your order will return to the distribution center of the brand or store, contact its customer service area for more information.


- How do I add more data and references from my delivery address?

You can enter the following link: Additional data and references

- I want to authorize a third party or family member to deliver my order.

Enter the data also in this same link: Additional data and references

- What are the requirements for the delivery of my order?

Our delivery staff will ask you for an identification document to validate that you are the owner of the order or the authorized one, then they will take photographs that validate the success of the delivery, these photographs can be:

● Customer with the order in hand.

● Identification document with the order.

● Delivery address with the order.

This entire process will be done in compliance with the Biosecurity protocols for Covid-19.

- Can I pick up my order at a branch or distribution center?

No, remember that all orders are sent to your home.


- How do I make a claim?

You can make a claim through the following link: Make a claim

- I received my order, but it is not the one I bought, it is incomplete or in poor condition.

You can also report the incident through the following link: Make a claim


- I received my order, but I want to return it or I want to make a change.

To make an exchange or return you have to contact the brand or store where you made the purchase and they will indicate the process to follow.

- After my exchange or return request, how long does it take to pick up the order?

For returns from Lima the maximum time for visits is 48 hrs, and for province it is within the same time it took us to make the delivery, in both cases we will contact you to coordinate the visit.

- In what condition must the order or item to be returned be?

It will depend on the return terms and conditions imposed by the brand or store, for which you have to contact their customer service area.

- How do I know that the brand or store received the product I returned?

You will receive confirmation from them at the time we enter the order to their warehouses.